About the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation

Mission Statement

The Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation was founded in 1960. It is comprised of past Buffalo Bills players, who left an imprint on society during their football careers and want to continue molding society in a positive manner.

Not only have they changed the game, but they have touched and shaped Buffalo as we know it today.

The Alumni Chapter is concerned with increasing awareness and knowledge of problems that we can help resolve, and we pursue this objective by bestowing
grants to charities for meaningful intentions and activities. Our society is engulfed by poverty, deprived children and innumerable people battling with diseases and disorders among other things, and the foundation aspires to help alleviate the burden of these people.

Our intention is largely focused on creating a better environment for our youth, because as they mature they will lead us into the future. Some of our past recipients include: Make a Wish Foundation, Kids Escaping Drugs, Athletes in Action, the Seneca Diabetes Foundation, and the Kelly for Kids Foundation. We hope that our active involvement reciprocates all that the Western New York community has done for us.

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